Description: Old school funky drum loop, thick banging kick & snare, acoustic bass, horn & organ stabs, & a jazz piano riff / think modern day Digable Planets

Description: Ambient chord pads, low analog synth bass, moog synth line, & driving beat (think car show background music)

Description: Live funky bass, strings, flutes, live drums, hard rock guitars / sounds like a action or mystery TV theme show music

Description: All tribal & African drums / low wood drums, gongs, triangle, shakers, & tabla

Description: Reverb chord pads, pan flute, low synth bass, delay high hats, & live drums / think something off the "pure moods" CD

Description: Live bass guitar with a little distortion, live funky drums, mute guitar, delay organ hits, & slide guitar / think car commercial

Description: Hard Drums, thick analog keyboards, high end synth line, sub bass, & delay piano / think Timbaland style production

Description: Hard Drums, low deep & funky bass, bright keyboards, & a funky reverb guitar loop / think Timbaland meets DJ Krush

Description: Hard Drums, dark & funky synth bass, layered trance style synths, & a moody string line. / think modern day Timbaland drums meets Pete Rock

Description: Hard Drums, deep low bass, funky keyboard riffs / think Erick Sermon meets DJ Krush

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