Description: Thick layered analog electro synths, a panning lead Rhodes lead melody, powerful distorted 808-sub bass, ambient synth drones and textures, and a blend of banging trap and EDM drum programming / Think Future, Metro Boomin, or Nav type of club-trap beat

Description: Smooth Rhodes chords chopped, reversed, re-sampled, and re-played on the MPC, light arpeggiated synth riffs, lush ambient textures and pads, deep sub bass, hard rises, and powerful trap drums / Think Drake or French Montana type smooth ambient beat

Description: Smooth thick layered synth chords, mellow ambient flutes, powerful funky deep 808-sub bass, and banging modern trap drum programming / Think YBN Nahmir, SmokePurpp, xxxtentacion, Tay-K, or Metro Boomin type smooth mellow feel good trap beat

Description: A bright metallic / percussive motif keyboard melody, orchestral percussion, powerful / dark strings, ghostly sound effects, hard rock guitars,live rock drums, and live electric bass / think horror movie cue or theme

Description: A bright percussive bell melody, pop piano,warm fretless bass, rich chord pads, strongballad drums, and bell tree percussion / thinkTV or Film theme

Description: Banging 808 bass drops, crisp 808 trap style high-hats, harp synth stabs, bright percussion, trance synth leads, rich chord pads, old-school hip-hop drum loops, and warm analog moog bass / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs strong bass heavy hip-hop with todays pop melodies

Description: Funky live strings chopped and made to sound like a sample, vocal stabs "Let's Go", low 808 sub bass, and funky thick layered East Coast Boom-Bap MPC swing style hip-hop drum programming

Description: A smooth Rhodes chord pattern, a sexy smooth thick layered lead hook melody played by vibes, synth bells, and moog synth, deep 808-sub bass, and hard hitting modern trap soul-urban drum programming / Think Future "Pie" Ft Chris Brown type beat

Description: A meaty B-3 organ chords, funky live bass, wah guitar lines, si-fi hook keyboard melody lines. congas, bright percussion, and banging drums / This could work for many different types of TV or film cues

Description: Dark lo-fi panning keyboard chord stabs, turntable cuts chopping up vocal bits "To Die", filtered cello stabs made to sound like a sample, low 808 bass boom, and hard banging East Coast Underground MPC style hip-hop drum programming

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