Description: Strong driving kicks-snares-hats, low warm analog moog bass, a lead piano hook melody, ambient chord pads, ambient piano, acoustic guitar and choir pads, and a trance arp synth / Think Pete Rock meets modern pop / Perfect cue for a Film or TV show that needs reflective-mellow-conscious pop / hip-hop.

Description: Smooth synth guitar riff, bright finger snaps, banging kick, shakers, low electric bass, a catchy 80's style analog synth melody, a percussive arp synth pattern, low moog analog synth bass, and funky drum loops. Perfect cue for a Nickelodeon style children's TV show or a movie that needs happy up-tempo children's music.

Description: Strong banging MPC swing drums, delay piano chord stabs, strong analog bass, old-school hip-hop drum loops, ambient keyboard fills, and driving percussion / Perfect cue for a MTV, VH1, or BET TV show cue of theme.

Description: A ambient string-brass chord pad chopped on the MPC made to sound like a sample, orchestral string swells, booming 808 basses, and thick layered very detailed New School hip-hop / trap drum programming

Description: Strong kicks, crisp snares / claps / hats, warm analog bass, lush chord pads, jungle drum loops, rich strings and bell hook melody, ambient synth effects sounds, and a funky analog synth bass riff. Perfect cue for a show on speed network, racing game, or a film that needs fast paced mellow drum & bass.

Description: A funky soulful motif melody chopped and re-played on the MPC made to sound like a sample, a big hero epic type lead melody played by strings and horns, 808 bass boom blended with low funky sub bass, ambient vocal stabs, and hard banging MPC swing style East Coast hip-hop drum programming / Think big anthem type Jay Z, Common, or Kanye West type hip-hop beat

Description: Thick layered chord pads, percussive pizzicato and pluck synth counter melodies and stabs, a powerful lead electro synth hook melody, string chord stabs, deep sub bass, and very detailed trap-modern pop drum programming / Think Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, and Travis Scott "Go Off" from "The Fate Of The Furious" soundtrack

Description: Powerful kicks and snares, crisp hats, funky break loops, a powerful distorted electro synth lead, deep electro bass, spacey reverb synth effects, percussive synth chord stabs, trance synth leads, and distorted electric guitar power chords. Perfect cue for a action film or TV show like Blade or for a racing or fighting video game.

Description: A hard metal guitar riff played, chopped, and re-sampled on the MPC, cinematic dark choir vocal pads, hard dubstep effects synths, ambient glassy delayed synth stabs, deep sub bass, orchestral percussion and deep impact drums, and a blend of rock, hip-hop, and trap drum programming

Description: A hard ambient panning processed electro synth motif, a dreamy pulsating sub bass, orchestral percussion, and very detailed ambient trap drum programming / Think really deep UnoTheActivist type beat

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