Description: Strong orchestral strings & percussion hook melody, low bass, sub bass, and banging drums with bouce / think strong dirty south style track / perfect for a Film or TV cue for MTV

Description: Strong keyboard stabs and lead melody, banging drums, spacey sound effects, and panning wah guitar / think Mr. Collipark style production / Pefect for a club or dance scene in a Film or TV cue

Description: Big banging drums, low sub bass, funky live drum loops, powerful techno keyboard stabs, and bright percussion. Think si-fi dirty south

Description: Low thumping drums, 808 snare fills, an ambient drum loop, a distorted keyboard riff, a choir string line, pretty rhodes chord patterens, low sub bass drops, and warm bass guitar. Think Organized Noize style production.

Description: 808 bass boom, 808 kick-snare-hats-clap, low sub bass, a strong trance lead synth, sharp techno style sound effects, and old-school drum loops. Think a track for Soulja Boy. Perfect cue for MTV, VH1, or BET.

Description: 808 snare fills, 808 high-hats, sub bass, banging drums, crisp bells, lush choir pads, and a trance synth lead / Think down south-ATL / This would work for a MTV, VH1, or BET cue

Description: Trap kicks & snares, trap style high-hats, 808 bass boom, low sub bass, an electric guitar lead hook melody, bright synth keyboard melodies and stabs, ambient keyboard pads, and horn hits / Think Lil John goes pop / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs happy bass heavy dirty south-trap music with a strong lead hook melody

Description: Low 808 and sub bass, puncky trap kicks, crisp hats and percussion, thick layered synth melodies, spacey sound effects, and lush choir chord pads / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs modern bass heavy trap-dirty south hip-hop.

Description: Deep 808 bass, strong thumping kicks, crisp snares, panning 808 high-hats, a haunting piano melody, spacey synth leads, lush strings, and big sound effects / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs dark trap.

Description: Strong electro synth stabs, fast 808 panning hats, powerful claps, hypnotic electro synth melody lines, 808 snares and fills, low 808 bass boom, and ambient synth bleeps. Perfect cue for any TV show or film that needs strong dirty south / trap hip-hop mixed with electro.

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