Description: Strong keyboard stabs and lead melody, banging drums, spacey sound effects, and panning wah guitar / think Mr. Collipark style production / Pefect for a club or dance scene in a Film or TV cue

Description: Big banging drums, low sub bass, funky live drum loops, powerful techno keyboard stabs, and bright percussion. Think si-fi dirty south

Description: Low thumping drums, 808 snare fills, an ambient drum loop, a distorted keyboard riff, a choir string line, pretty rhodes chord patterens, low sub bass drops, and warm bass guitar. Think Organized Noize style production.

Description: 808 bass boom, 808 kick-snare-hats-clap, low sub bass, a strong trance lead synth, sharp techno style sound effects, and old-school drum loops. Think a track for Soulja Boy. Perfect cue for MTV, VH1, or BET.

Description: Boom kick & sub bass, old school beatbox drum loop, sharp snares, strong evil keyboard riffs, jazz piano & trumpet hits / think Freddy Krueger does dirty south

Description: Synth horn hits, sound fx, bright chord pad, crisp bell melody, analog synth bass, low sub bass, and thumping drums

Description: Banging drums, clear perc, oboe & flute melodies, analog synth bass, strong string hits, techno synth fill, & 808 bass drum hits / think Rick Ross works with Organized Noize

Description: Low 808 and sub bass, puncky trap kicks, crisp hats and percussion, thick layered synth melodies, spacey sound effects, and lush choir chord pads / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs modern bass heavy trap-dirty south hip-hop.

Description: Strong string hits, trance style keyboard melody, low sub bass, jazz piano riff, sound fx synths, 808 snare and hats, and hard banging drums / think dirty south meets trance

Description: 808 Bass, snare, and hat, hard banging drums, shaker, west coast hook lead synth, funky guitar and bass combo, and keyboard fx / think old school west cost meets ATL

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