Description: 60s Motown-esque instrumental rock jaunt. Mid-tempo, good times feeling. Piano groove with drums, Fender guitar comps and solos, and occasional breaks.

Description: Toe-tapping blues harmonica atop drums, piano, electric guitar, and electric bass. Bluesy, slightly rustic feel. Live performance; no virtual instruments.

Description: Catchy upbeat ragtime piece for piano, drums, and assorted solo instruments. Recorded live - not sampled/synthesized.

Description: Uptempo rock theme featuring piano and electric guitar solos.

Description: Solo piano, pop ballad style, wistful and moody.

Description: Smoooooov music of love, in a Barry White-esque sonic world.

Description: Uptempo big band music in a fun mood, suitable for swing dancing. Raucous trumpet solo midway. Recorded live - not synthesized/sampled.

Description: Horror music featuring orchestral instruments - creeping, crawling, OMG GET IT OFF ME!

Description: Catchy, fun, kids-oriented contemporary pop. Mid-tempo, shuffle feel.

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