Description: Electric piano, bass and acoustic guitar combine to make a really laid back and mellow logo.

Description: A business ident where high octave notes echo and sparkle. It has a sweet child-like quality to it.

Description: Very simple business logo using an acoustic guitar with ascending notes that finish off with a resolutory chord.

Description: Simple but harmonic ident using clean electric guitar and wooden flute. It's got a natural and calm tone to it.

Description: Soft and spacious business ident using guitar piano and effected flute. Ideal for short introductions.

Description: Gentle fingerpicked acoustic guitar plays in the key of A minor. The song eventually builds up, eventually growing more hopeful and optimistic in the end.

Description: Very minimalist piano driven track with sustained organ and flute notes to provide texture. Sad and sorrowful themes here using a simple melody. Would be suitable for anything that requires a slow and quiet pace.

Description: Nostalgic indie instrumental track. Makes use of a few acoustic guitars and drums to create a mix of melancholia and romance.

Description: Piano driven instrumental with an urgent determined mood. Uses orchestral strings to add more space to it and a little bit of spanish guitar has been thrown in for a bit of luck.

Description: A slow mini epic that gradually builds to its climax in the last 40 seconds. This would be ideal for any corporate, business or commercial projects that wish to convey a deep sense of inner peace .

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