Description: Unsettling horror track that begins with creepy tinkling piano and ends with a crash.

Description: Old style gypsy jazz as heard from a 1920s gramophone. Uses acoustic guitars for the rhythm and lead. It's got a bit of a cabaret feel to it as well.

Description: A nice wee acoustic tune that plods along at its own carefree pace. A tambourine is used for some light percussion. Warm and friendly vibes throughout.

Description: Fun little track mixing piano with software instruments. This piece is quirky yet has a mechanical feel to it at the same tme.

Description: Hard hitting rock song with a fast tempo and a gutsy attitude. It clocks in at just under 2 minutes, however there is plenty of energy and three distinctive parts that can used effectively in their own right.

Description: Old style Mississippi Delta blues slide guitar in open G tuning. Can be looped seamlessly.

Description: Cheerful acoustic track that veers towards the pop genre. This could be used for any project where optimism and a natural feel are the key components.

Description: Celebratory traditional Irish tune using mandolins, guitars and percussion. It's got a marching rhythm to it with an old medieval folklore feel.

Description: A track that gradually becomes more dreamlike as it progresses. Includes Piano, guitar, bass, light percussion and subtle ambient textures.

Description: Feel good track with a cool breezed tremolo guitar and ambient strings. Ideal for a young casual house-party atmosphere where all is going down well.

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