Description: A modern corporate loop for informative presentations.

Description: Easy going loop using three acoustic guitars only. In the key of C major. Can be used in any media outlet where a wistful or nostalgic tone is required.

Description: Old style Mississippi Delta blues slide guitar in open G tuning. Can be looped seamlessly.

Description: Sparse slide guitar loop that gives the impression that you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and no one to do it with. Approximately one minute long.

Description: Trippy psychadelic guitar notes and the synthesizer work together to give this piece an dreamy tone.

Description: Quiet little acoustic guitar loop. It is fingerpicked throughout with a simple lead over the top. This can be looped back seamlessly. It conveys a laid back romantic mood.

Description: dreamy ambient loop using various soundscapes and shimmering guitar. Perfect for backround and live applications. Exactly one minute long.

Description: Tense cinematic loop using orchestral strings and heavy piano chords to inflict a sense of brooding danger.

Description: Feel good track with a cool breezed tremolo guitar and ambient strings. Ideal for a young casual house-party atmosphere where all is going down well.

Description: Downtempo piano with a hip-hop beat played over, It's got an urban feel to it. Would be great just for playing over a person walking through a city. A sad solitary undertone comes across in this track, emitting a mood of solitude.

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