Description: A modern corporate loop for informative presentations.

Description: Trippy psychadelic guitar notes and the synthesizer work together to give this piece an dreamy tone.

Description: Easy going loop using three acoustic guitars only. In the key of C major. Can be used in any media outlet where a wistful or nostalgic tone is required.

Description: Quiet little acoustic guitar loop. It is fingerpicked throughout with a simple lead over the top. This can be looped back seamlessly. It conveys a laid back romantic mood.

Description: Old style Mississippi Delta blues slide guitar in open G tuning. Can be looped seamlessly.

Description: Feel good track with a cool breezed tremolo guitar and ambient strings. Ideal for a young casual house-party atmosphere where all is going down well.

Description: Downtempo piano with a hip-hop beat played over, It's got an urban feel to it. Would be great just for playing over a person walking through a city. A sad solitary undertone comes across in this track, emitting a mood of solitude.

Description: Pleasant Business Logo using two acoustic guitars.

Description: dreamy ambient loop using various soundscapes and shimmering guitar. Perfect for backround and live applications. Exactly one minute long.

Description: Electric piano and bird sounds make up this one minute loop to inspire a tranquil early morning feel.

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