Description: Funk loop using drums, bass and guitar! Suitable for DJs, flash, web, background!

Description: Music with dramatic character and beautiful harmony. Can be used as the intro to flash, web, background, and especially for scoring the dramatic scenes in movies.

Description: Dance loop using a variety of synthesizers! Suitable for DJs, flash, web, background!

Description: Sentimental melodic track played on the accordion. Can be used for the Web as well as music for the film. Suitable for background, web sites, flash, tv, radio, movies, games, videos and presentations!

Description: Disturbing intro, which describes the beginning. Perfect for movies, cartoons, flash, web and games!

Description: This electro ident sound can be used as a sound effect or the intro to the next level of gaming, video projects, flash, web pages etc.

Description: Cheerful song written for children and played on the accordion! Can be used for children’s parties, kindergarten, birthday’s to give a nice and happy atmosphere.

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