Description: Electric Guitar chords and background synth washes gradually build together to create a steady, rising melody containing relaxing zonal elements.

Description: Evocative ambient track with skeletal guitar, gentle piano melodies and sweeping synth washes

Description: Classic-sounding funk romp driven along with horn crescendos, brass stabs and rhythmic clavs and driving wah-wah guitar.

Description: Compulsive Motown-style track featuring chripy guitar theme over insistent shuffle beat. Builds to an epic horn based climax. Trips along briskly for fun, optimistic mood.

Description: Full-on pulsing contemporary dance-orientated number featuring heavy beat and acid electronic backing.

Description: Ominous solo guitar leads into heavy-duty thrash metal riff. Breakdown introduces a short period of reflection before the madness begins again.

Description: Upbeat, ethnic instruments combine with male vocals to create energetic indian dance style piece.

Description: Tense soundtrack underscore featuring guitars, horns and electric piano over a repetitive beat. Suggests inner-city action or buildup to fight or disorder.

Description: Slow, rural American blues featuring groaning slide guitar, languid electric piano and lethargic drums. Suggests hot, sun-drenched scene, possibly a drought or issues affecting farming and agriculture.

Description: A gently cascading piano theme suggests a gentle rural scene. Subtle full-band backing featuring liquid guitar chords and laid-back jazzy drums. Builds to breezy, optimisitic finale.

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