Description: Theremin sound effect with a slight retro feel suggests a UFO arriving from outer space.

Description: Chimes, electronic keyboard, piano and electronic synth washes create a futuristic space style track with an element of discovery and beauty. Track suggests drifting through space observing something special or amazing. Very useful for inspirational video, documentary or film scene.

Description: Slow, sci-fi space technology based track very useful for corporate presentations suggesting cool atmospheres, space exploration and forward movement. Suggested background uses: slow space movement, dead space implying emptiness and darkness, futuristic space movement or motion. All of which become useful for flash projects or company logos or widgets.

Description: An electronic array of keyboard, synthesizer and ambient zonal washes creates mystical sense of space exploration or adventure. Resembles time, space and discovery, making it useful for documentary or sci-fi background theme.

Description: Modern synth and atmospheric electronic washes create a digital sense of innovation useful for science, technology and engineering purposes. The melody suggests time, building and implementing new ideas. Ideal for educational purposes or technology themed project.

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