Description: Short busy track with lots of energy, ideal for a short introduction or web based project.

Description: Classic Timely piano chords start this short track off until gradually combined with warming cymbal crashes a creating a contemporary style piece, very useful for logos and presentations.

Description: Sarcastic trumpet suggests something losing, failing or ending with a gentle wooden shimmer effect towards the end.

Description: Quick electric guitar thrash provides arty rock logo, very useful for intro, theme or application music effect.

Description: A short futuristic logo combining electronic synth washes with acoustic guitar. The Track gradually rises with a slight metallic edge creating a modern atmospheric feel.

Description: Short futuristic dramatic piece very useful for company logo or presentation featuring deep synth washes and scientific sound effects.

Description: Chimes begin to start slow in the distance gradually rising in volume suggesting a threat getting nearer until a sudden deep bass chord provides the ultimate dramatic finish. A great effect for introduction and entrance music, also great for logo’s and presentations to promote with impact.

Description: modern fading metallic washes suggests modern logo or background intro effect. Very useful for intro music or jingle.

Description: Short french logo, ideal for small applications, system start up noise or jingles.

Description: Short playful kids piece with happy playful instruments suitable for creating a fun and lively introduction, suggests a positive and friendly atmosphere, and very useful for small applications, system start up noise or jingles.

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