Description: Pulsing tuba with pleasant, xylophone and synth phrases suggests a happy, confident children’s style track.

Description: Gentle Clockwork Glockenspiel beats suggests time elapsing whilst travelling, combining clunky wood Blocks and sound effects similar to stereotypical farm life, adding movement elements to enhance cartoon style travelling music.

Description: Bright, breezy children's tune with joyous cascading xylophone melody and silly, slurred retro synthesizer. Suitable for kids media/cartoons.

Description: Cheerful children’s piece with bouncy clarinet melody and featuring toy glockenspiel, and marching drums. Includes contrasting bridge.

Description: Cute, fluttery, interplay of melodies in cheerful children’s tune. Instrumental parts skip about joyously before resolving into cascading flute/bell sequence. Suggests playful flying creatures in cartoon, fairytale or children’s game.

Description: Deep bassy trumpet provides a repetitive throbbing beat which is contrasted with sweet xylophone sounds and playful electronic keyboard chords. The track has a huge sense of mysterious playfulness and is very useful for children’s projects or animation.

Description: playful, jumpy kids piece with silly muted trumpet phrases. Bubbly cheerful melody on xylophone.

Description: Traditional sounding sweeping flute melody with elements of smaltz and nostalgia. Upward leading flute triplets suggest optimism and progress. Bright, playful middle section with soaring harp runs. Suitable for advertising where a feeling of reminiscing or happy past associations is needed.

Description: A sweet and magical theme ideal for toddler or baby style project. The melody is easy and cute with a slight dreamy loving feel to it. Also useful for animal themes for puppy or kitten etc.

Description: An uplifting melody with bright, exciting flurries and an active feel good beat. The track was designed to imply friendship, happiness and enjoying life. Ideal for advertising or childrens theme.

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