Description: A spacey, 8-bit sounding track that takes you on a journey through deep space! I started playing around with synths and came up with the sounds of a space mission!

Description: This song started out as a simple riff on a Rhodes Keyboard and turned into what you hear. This is why I love creating music, I never know where it will take me!

Description: The Cathodic Prophet presents you with the last track in the GRIND series in Grind III! More distortion, more riffs, more heaviness, MORE LOUD!!! Those of you that loved the first Grind will appreciate this track. Keep ya head bangin' and your music LOUD!!! TURN IT UP!!!!

Description: If you liked Grind, you'll LOVE Grind II. It's packed with more hardcore riffs and distorted greatness for you to funnel into your ear holes! Keep ya head bangin' and your music LOUD!!

Description: An ethnic groove that features Persian and Asian sounds. Includes the Sitar, Congos/Bongos, clay drums, flutes, and more! Would sound great to your suspense scene!

Description: Just like the title of this track, I had a tough time finalizing this one. It seemed like it was fighting me the whole time. I thought about scrapping it, but that's not what I'm about. This track is going along and minding it's own business when all of the sudden it seems to be taken over by a voodoo ritual. Would go great with a "ritual" scene or something darker, such as a haunting.

Description: Want to feel like your floating in the deep unknown? This track will help you relax and wind down. It would also be great backing for an underwater video! As my good friend said, kinda reminds you of old school Donkey Kong swimming levels!

Description: Homage to the old school way of connecting to the world wide web. This may be what it sounded like when you clicked "connect".

Description: A laid back journey that invites you to relax. Would sound great as background music to your next viral video!

Description: Life changes. Let's all ride the wave of change with a great song in our heads and love in our hearts.

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