Description: Dirty south beat with lots of epic brass in it. See the cars chasing? See those fancy sports cars drifting as they drive near the corner? Do you hear those wheels and growling engine?

Description: Oriental swag. Suitable for Triad mafia movie. Can you see Triad members in black suit walking down the street with their guns in their hands?

Description: Experimental beat packed up with many synths. Imagine a man, whose girl has been kidnapped... He gives up on everything to get her back... to get his love back again.

Description: Epic orchestral hits on rap instrumental. You just can't stop it...

Description: Can you see a lady standing on the cliff? She is waiting for her man, who has been taken to the war... She is waiting for that ship with her love inside. But he never came back. Till this day, she is still waiting.

Description: Imagine of a fallen angel that regains his power and rises to the sky... That epic moment when he fully opens his wings...

Description: Beautifull green field on the mountains...A group of warriors split up and each go on their own way... They have fought their enemies and survived.. After several years they reunite.

Description: A track with a nice groove and banging drums. Certified banger with funky fusion!

Description: A short loop with Christmas atmosphere. Dynamic and sweet. Put this on loop on any christmas related video or presentations and advertisements.

Description: Piano hiphop instrumental. Ideal for stories about heartbroken feeling. A sax on the hook also makes you think about the past... The memoir...

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