Description: This is a short happy piano rag.Ideal for Twenties Forties cues.Also cowboys Silent film theatre cues or riverboat.

Description: This is a fast corny cheezy rock guitar instrumental.Ideal for hitting the road productions

Description: This is an eerie sinister haunting seascape piece.Ideal for most haunting scenes including space.Ideal for bringing in-out credits.Slowly fades out.

Description: A happy bouncy jazz showboat rag.Ideal for twenties fourties cues.Underscore.

Description: A light romantic relaxing jazz lounge piano piece.Ideal for underscore.Restaurant.Theme tune.

Description: A big band jazz comedy Chicago feel instrumental with effects

Description: A short quirky inquisitive instrumental.Ideal for cartoon.Kids Programming.Corporate.- sshhh whos coming.Underscore.Silent films.

Description: A short accordion traditional folk Vienna waltz Russian French restaurant style instrumental.Underscore.Gypsy.

Description: A short happy nostalgic piano piece.Nineteen twenties forties-.Ideal for lounge bar scenes.Keystone Cops.Old West cowboy bars,Underscore,Silent films.

Description: Uptempo pop rock country instrumental.Hitting the road feel.Guitars.Repetitive.

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