Description: This is a jazz blues instrumental made to sound very old and scratchy as on a gramaphone phonograph.I wrote and recorded it on reel to reel in the seventies.It faded a lot so didnt want to waste it.Ideal for nostalgic cues.

Description: This is a short version of a well known traditional Scottish song.Ideal for Scottish setting or having a jig.

Description: This is a happy almost classical version of a well known Christmas Carol.Ideal for those Christmas settings.

Description: This is a slow Waltz which does not seem to go anywhere.An odd tune sometimes off key, very repetitive.Ideal for underscore or pessimistic romance.

Description: A short happy Eastern European accordian Waltz.Ideal for Underscore.Gypsy.

Description: A short happy piano rag.Ideal for 1920s-40s cues.Keystone Cops.Silent films.Underscore.

Description: A short classical solo piano piece.Ideal for underscore.Period music.Lounge bar background.

Description: A classical come ragtime happy piano instrumental.Ideal for period cues.Jingles.Underscore.Keystone Cops,Silent films.

Description: A traditional serious comedy country song about a broke drunk

Description: A short fast classical piano waltz..Ideal for period cues.Underscore.Russian.European.Keystone Cops.Silent films.

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