Description: Desolate empty floating ambient instrumental.Ideal for space.wilderness,open spaces background.

Description: Desolate empty floating ambient instrumental.Ideal for space,wilderness,open spaces background.

Description: Morbid,lost,ambient instrumental.Ideal for space,wilderness,barren situations.

Description: I wrote and recorded this piece on reel to reel which faded so added effects to make it sound like a very old record.Good classical drama,film,TV,radio.

Description: A very eerie gurgling water sound effect with haunting bell.

Description: Very peaceful relaxing nature instrumental.It has the feel of nature awakening.Good background.

Description: Nostalgic orchestral fanfare instrumental.Sounds right for cathedral church or royalty.

Description: Laid back gentle romantic orchestral instrumental.Sounds like Glenn Miller Benny Goodman.Good background.

Description: Sad Romantic yearning classical instrumental with piano flute strings.Would suit broken heart situations underscore.

Description: A very sad yearning romantic classical instrumental with piano strings and flute.Sounds like a theme tune.Ideal for romantic underscore.

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