Description: A nostalgic Post War Cockney comedy song.A bit bawdy double meaning.

Description: A very laid back gentle romantic flute instrumental with piano and strings.Ideal for lonely sad cues,underscore.

Description: Dreamy instrumental.Shadows sound.Slow.Guitars.Romantic.Easy listening.

Description: A very nostalgic sixties sounding pop song.Sounds like Hermans Hermits or possibly Beatles.Ideal for underscore.

Description: Uptempo pop rock country instrumental.Hitting the road feel.Guitars.Repetitive.

Description: A very sinister eerie ghost ship music effect.It has a haunting bell.Ideal for Marie Celeste type situations.

Description: A very eerie gurgling water sound effect with haunting bell.

Description: Fast cheesy corny rock guitar instrumental.Ideal for hitting the road productions

Description: Traditional country song about regret.1950s

Description: This is a very gentle relaxing yearning version of Oh Danny Boy.It has a classical chamber feel.Very sad,romantic,sentimental,moving.

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