Description: This is a very fast piano swing blues.Starts straight then goes into swing.Ideal for Bar,lounge,pub,club cues Relates to a train journey.Could jitterbug to it.

Description: Very short playful quirky kids instrumental.Ideal for cartoon or humour scenes animation etc.sshhh whos coming

Description: A short happy uplifting piano rag.Ideal for 20s-40s underscore,cues.Keystone Cops.Silent film.Old west cowboys.

Description: A short nostalgic piano Waltz ideal for period ballroom cues.Silent films.Underscore.Keystone Cops.

Description: Childrens instrumental very simple. ideal for childrens TV Series or cartoon.Happy.

Description: This is a short honky tonk piano rag with a southern feel.Ideal for cowboy cues.Twenties Forties Cues.Silent films,theatre cues or riverboat.

Description: A short honky tonk piano rag.Ideal for 1920s-40s cues.Keystone Cops.Silent films.Underscore.

Description: Short repetitive piano instrumental ideal background for any western bar or East end pub scene or silent film.--get the drinks in pardner,Keystone Cops,silent films.

Description: A short piano jazz come classical rag.Ideal for ads.History channel.Logo,Underscore.Keystone Cops.Silent films.

Description: A short Eastern European Accordian Folk Instrumental

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