Description: Bright electro-pop song with melodic synth. Good easy listening track with a positive vibe.

Description: Upbeat and positive pop-rock with synth and strings. Uplifting melody builds to big and bright chorus.

Description: Upbeat track with guitars and strings. Drums kick in the groove which keeps a steady and uplifting beat.

Description: High energy electro-pop. Features electronic synth sounds that build. Has a chorus that could fit well in a modern video game soundtrack.

Description: Ambient track with many sonic layers. Features guitar, synth, piano etc.

Description: Electronic track with rock elements. Features guitar, synth, drums and bass. Upbeat and melodic with a soothing but uplifting atmosphere.

Description: Upbeat happy, fun tune. Includes organic instruments ranging from harmonica to trumpets.

Description: Upbeat and commercial pop tune with piano, electric piano, drums and bass. Synthesizers also carry the lead part. Motivational and inspiring.

Description: Upbeat and positive track. Featuring bells, piano and strings. Organic instruments are used and has a natural feel.

Description: Catchy pop track with strings and bells. Electric guitar and a driving kick beat give the song a indie-rock feel. Upbeat and positive.

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