Description: Upbeat track with guitars and strings. Drums kick in the groove which keeps a steady and uplifting beat.

Description: Soft ambient tones for a peaceful ringtone or can be used as a loop for an app or game.

Description: Piano intro, acoustic guitars, drums and strings. Upbeat and inspirational.

Description: Light and cheeky acoustic beat with vocal singing.

Description: Fun and youthful track with pop electric guitars, drums and claps.

Description: A short rock piece with electric guitars (harmonics) and strumming chords with a driving backbeat live sound drum kit.

Description: Eastern vibe with a modern touch. Upbeat and groovy. Has a distinct sitar melody with dubstep and electro bass riff underlying the main groove.

Description: Dramatic hip hop violin loop. Can be used for action or adventure scenes in film. This track is a perfect loop so it can be looped as many times as needed.

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