Description: Starts out with acoustic guitars and builds into a chorus with electric guitars and strings. Uplifting and motivational.

Description: A modern rock piece with steady, rhythmic guitars and rock drums. Builds in to a climax with strings and a heavier drum beat.

Description: Epic electro-house track. With stellar bass hooks and grooves. Designed to enlighten and inspire.

Description: Building synthesizers and drums drive this house track to epic heights. With a evil-scary synth hook that leads up to electric guitars and other synth and fx sounds make this a possible winner for futuristic epic action or thriller films.

Description: A simple bell or chime effect. Useful for games or software effects.

Description: “Back To Basics” is a uplifting, grand and larger then life track filled with positive and good vibes all the way through! This track is ideal for marketing and advertising of all kinds and has a wide commercial appeal. If you need something catchy and uplifting for your next project, you just found it!

Description: A funky house bass jam. Upbeat and lively. Features solo funky bass riff with dance beat.

Description: House Rock. Mainstream and catchy. Fun guitars with progressive synthesizers. A unique combination of modern elements.

Description: Modern Top 40 electro-pop. Features catchy synths as hook, pounding bass drum and energetic builds and releases.

Description: Percussive elements at the beginning, fade in to funky guitars and synth fx.

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