Description: Ambient new age track, Great for corporate use, has an uplifting vibe, subtle choir voices, perfect for spa, relaxation and mood music. The track has a fresh clean feel great for product advertisment, web promo or any visual media presentation.

Description: Driving electronic music bed, dark, fast paced and aggressive, great for gaming and advertising.

Description: Dramatic piano backed with ambient pads,perfect for underscore.Piano keys are kept sparse and simple to allow the visual to speak for itself,this is a dramatic unserscore that will enhamce but not detract from a visual whether filmscore or advertising use.Perfect for finacial product advertising.

Description: Cool moody electro track with a laid back male vocal. Hip and sexy, great cue/sync for young urban demographic, any fashion, party, young teen scene, the vocal will stay with you. Will work really well on any urban product advertisment. Theme and vibe of drunken excess, out of your mind with desire

Description: Classical guitar melody with sparse piano, introduction of orchestral strings adds a depth of emotion that haunts and moves your soul. Simple but incredibly moving, great for underscore, will work well with powerful images.

Description: Original and inventive dubstep style track, enigmatic piano break provides a cinematic element whilst staying with a dubstep beat and effects. Fresh sounding underscore with a driving force that is very original.

Description: Staccato cello intro with violin and sparse melodic piano keys, superb for commercial and advertising a product you can trust, great for family fun comedy underscore, Wholesome and trustworthy, family values, financial products Think diaper and nappy advertising or any finacial product. Wisteria Lane and Desperate Houswives comedy underscore

Description: One of the most famous pieces of cello music ever written. You may not recognize the name but you have heard the melody. Perfect for advertising and commercial as well as underscore/soundtrack.

Description: Prog rock guitars, great driving beats, perfect for sports promos, corporate DVDs, music cues and commercial/advertising. The vibe is uplifting and exciting, will suit urban demographic, skateboarding, free running great underscore for high adreneline, activity shots...

Description: Upbeat fast progressive guitars, great riffs, this is a great track for any promos if you want to grab the attention of your audience! Positive vibes, success, winning team, will work with high adreneline visuals and suit young urban demographic.

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