Description: Relaxing chimes with sparse piano create a beautiful melodic audio track. Subtle strings add warmth. Perfect for underscore, backround music and will work well with a voiceover for corporate presentation/DVD. Uplifting positive vibe, good for product launch, advertising, commercial and web use.

Description: Ambient new age track, Great for corporate use, has an uplifting vibe, subtle choir voices, perfect for spa, relaxation and mood music. The track has a fresh clean feel great for product advertisment, web promo or any visual media presentation.

Description: Beautiful harp and string melody. Simple and innocent, very pretty. Good for corporate, commercial and advertising. Great instrumental track for Spa Hotel and relaxation backround music use. Will play on a perfect loop for music on hold.

Description: Ambient and spacious mood music, suitable for backround music use and cinematic underscore. Will work well for corporate presentation as has an uplifting vibe. Refreshing, wholesome and positive. Good for product launch, web or corporate DVD underscore, as will add atmosphere and compliment a voiceover.

Description: Fresh and uplifting motivational track, positive vibe, great for underscore to a voiceover, electric guitar, beautiful strings and percussion that builds the track for a great feeling of positivity, the winning team! Perfect for corporate presentation or commercial/advertising.

Description: Simple Ukelele melody, sweet, innocent and childlike, beautiful strings to accompany to give and overall elegant vibe. Perfect for commercial underscore or internet advertising

Description: Uplifting Coldplay style guitars make this track soar, perfect for underscore and will suit corporate DVD, has great drive and is motivational, upbeat melodies will work well faded in with a voiceover.Good times and a winning emotion for a feel-good vibe.

Description: Fear of the unknown, something hiding, atmospheric music cue, great for scene changes

Description: Atmospheric Music cue, danger ahead, something hiding. Good for reality TV/documentery

Description: Playful percussion with a bit of cheeky brass, cue has a ticking clock melody, this is a great music cue for game shows, time is running out, beat the clock. Good for cartoon or animation soundtrack, will also suit comedy underscore for family fun scenes. Music to make you smile!

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