Description: Dramatic piano underscore with an introduction of light percussion towards the end of the track, perfect for moments of high drama and emotion, very pensive and thought provoking. Great music cue for documentary or reality TV if you want to pull on the heartstrings of the viewer and use for comtemplative moments of life changing decisions.

Description: Staccato cello intro with violin and sparse melodic piano keys, superb for commercial and advertising a product you can trust, great for family fun comedy underscore, Wholesome and trustworthy, family values, financial products Think diaper and nappy advertising or any finacial product. Wisteria Lane and Desperate Houswives comedy underscore

Description: Atmospheric pads alongside ethnic sounds and sparse piano, cinematic melody that is incredibly moving but simple. Will suit cinematic underscore and compliment any visual. This is a cue that soars it has a feeling of flight and other worlds, great for fantasy!

Description: A fun and upbeat version of one of the most famous classical pieces. This contemporary version uses strings and glocks to create a track that is both whimsical and exciting and will work well on kids TV as well as suiting Commercial, Advertising oras a slapstick underscore for Cartoon, comedic chase scenes, even corporate presentations.

Description: Deliciouly upbeat tune! Great for corporate, has a good uplifting vibe for a winning team. Guitars and percussion keep the pace lively and driving will work alongside presentations or web promo use. If you want a cue that shouts success then this is it!

Description: Quite simply, a truly delightful, uplifting, bouncy track. Great for a feel good vibe, that will suit corporate and advertising as well as children's media and products. Features an upright piano with a metal glock with a bouncy melody that will make you smile! With three different versions of the track to choose from, I am sure you will find a music bed that will suit your media!

Description: Exciting hybrid electro and dubstep track, lots of wobbles and glitches but mixed up with some orchestral pianos and strings, very original, this is Cinematic Dubstep at its best!

Description: This is cinematic dubstep, cue opens with a dark undertone of menace and then leads into an exciting action build. All of the dubstep sounds you expect to hear but with dark vibrating orchestral strings which I have distorted under the track.

Description: Happy and upbeat Ukulele cue with hand claps and piano, simple, repetitive melody that stays with you. Bouncy and vibrant great for commercials and advertising music beds. Will sit well with a voice-over.

Description: Create a relaxing and atmospheric mood with this track, acoustic guitar intro with a soft melodic piano creating a gentle and soothing moment that will relax your soul. soft violins and cellos close the track. Perfect for underscore and will work with a voiceover.

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