Description: Atmospheric pads and ambient textures, soft choir vocals haunt in the background. Sparse melodic piano keys provide a pensive, eclectic vibe, great for background music/underscore for websites, phone on hold and internet advertising.

Description: Ambient pads and synthetic textures, the vibe is haunting and mystical, almost alien or of an other world. This atmospheric music will have many media uses and with the right visuals will be great for background and underscore.

Description: Light and playful instrumental version of this classic from Bizet's opera Carmen. Elegant cellos with a light piano for an orchestral version that becomes playful and sweet, tender and wholesome, great for commercial and advertising, children's productions, or any scene needing sneaky, yet fun and highly recognizable music.

Description: Dark and menacing version of the Christmas classic, haunting choir vocals with big orchestral drums and string flourishes. Perfect for gaming trailer, you won't sleep easy after hearing this!

Description: Traditional Gypsy style melody, bouncy happy melody, uplifting, full of joy and laughter, great for commercial and advertising. Will suit underscore use for cookery and product presentations as well as travel channel and documentary.

Description: Playful piano and tinkling percussion create a music cue that will suit work as a dark comedy underscore, great for tense moments, something about to happen but holds onto a very playful vibe. Perfect for childrens TV

Description: Beautiful piano melody, very atmospheric, soft gentle piano and a melancholic violin alongside warm orchestral strings allowing build and and movement. Dark male choir voices add a dark element to the cue making it perfect for soundtrack. Solace will take you on an emotional journey. Perfect for dramatic underscore. Great for documentary or background music or music on hold. There is an acoustic guitar version of this track also available here at AudioMicro

Description: Perfect Christmas underscore for internet advertising or commercial broadcast, bright percussion with playful tuba and pizzicato strings, will work with a Voiceover

Description: Beautiful pastiche of O Sole Mio, perfect for Italian travel or cooking shows, wonderfully romantic. wonderfully melodic Gypsy style guitars with sublime strings and mandolins. lovers in Itally, falling in love, romantic in every sense of the word!

Description: Dramatic piano backed with ambient pads,perfect for underscore.Piano keys are kept sparse and simple to allow the visual to speak for itself,this is a dramatic unserscore that will enhamce but not detract from a visual whether filmscore or advertising use.Perfect for finacial product advertising.

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