Description: Fairy Christmas/New Year time! A beautiful and magic music.

Description: Simple, subtle, innocent song is suitable for any kind of project - games, advertisements, multimedia, corporate presentation, storytelling, background on documentaries, home video, at children shows, app etc.

Description: Very beautiful soft melody song, good for children projects and for Christmas/New year.

Description: Playful and festival loop. Can be used in games, animations, video, TV etc.

Description: Playful and bizarre loop. Can be used in many types of games.

Description: Very light, merry and simple melody featuring accordion, marimba, vibes, trombone, tuba and drums. Very useful stuff for any kind of project related to kids.

Description: Piano, ukulele, bells, rhythmic drums, claps and xylophone. This track sounds very happy and creates a cheerful and positive vibe. Good for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, or as, web page music.

Description: Merry and cheerful traditional irish dance.

Description: A simple piano track evoking feelings of beauty, hope, reflection and love. Tranquil and delicate, it will add a warm touch to your project.

Description: This calming melody with airy sounds helps to relax and feel good.

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