Description: Tropical Summer Party is a Caribbean delight! It’s an upbeat, happy song with a very positive and lively vibe! Featuring steel drums, marimbas, acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as a drum kit, this song is sure to both please and excite any listener.

Description: Aqua Marine is rhythmic, atmospheric and melodic electronic backdrop with soft percussion to establish a smooth tempo. It is soothing and calm and very much ready to assist you in putting the finishing touches on your next project/broadcast production.

Description: Forever Hoping is a long (4-plus-minute), slow, beautiful piece of music that steadily builds and grows increasingly bold throughout its duration. It is a wonderful choice as a musical backdrop for your latest film or video project. It can stand alone, or play softly in the background as a narrator tells your story.

Description: Just over four minutes of extremely exciting corporate music, "Zenith" is just the song you've been looking for in your search for the ultimate in upbeat stock music. It is a celebration of all things good and positive, and you can't help but feel great inside as you listen along, bobbing your head and smiling. Enjoy! :)

Description: Sentimental Journey is slow, mellow wade through the tranquil waters of only the most pleasant of memories.

Description: Happy Feet is a bouncing romp of high-energy fun! It features many synths and pads and has a cheery lead with just enough switch-ups to keep the listener interested without the song calling too much attention to itself.

Description: If you've gone searching for a tune that takes you back to the Nirvana/Kurt Cobain era of alternative music from the nineties, look no further, for you've found your jam!

Description: This is a three-plus minute corporate track that can serve several purposes. You can use it as an extended intro or outro for your video, or simply pick a section of your choice and discard the rest. It builds steadily throughout it's length and is very versatile and exciting! Percussion kicks in at 1:20 and adds further to the upbeat nature of the song. Many instruments came together in the creation of this track, including: 4 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, 2 drum kits, a full orchestral string section, and several different pads to add atmosphere. Enjoy!

Description: Sunset Serenade features a trio of instruments. Two nylon stringed classical guitars form the soothing rhythm and accompaniment to the gentle lead played on the concert piano. The end result is a wonderfully soothing and uplifting song that is ready for your next broadcast production, be it a radio or a television spot.

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