Description: Laid back and easy going modern rock instrumental with light dance chill beat. Free, young and fresh modern alternative track. Featuring Pulsing Beat, acoustic and electric guitars. Optimistic, driving and reflective background underscore.

Description: Ukulele fun and happy feel. Hopeful Happiness instrumental features bells, ukulele and woman vocal harmony. with upbeat, happy and fun positive vibe. Best as a background music for indie and holiday love, young and fresh etc.

Description: Airy and exotic lounge track. Flowing chill out new age for exotic world of ambiance, underwater, tranquillity, love and hopes. Hypnotic meditative ambient instrumental with keys, electronic, flute melody. Clear and reflective for peaceful sphere, relax

Description: Strong and powerful metal rock music. Determined and angry electric guitars, bass and drums. Hard and Dynamic band . Best for Action, extreme sport, advertising, race cars and teen culture. Aggressive, impulsive and crazy, fast and uptempo.

Description: Whimsical and laidback instrumental dubtep hip hop with funky and lounge elements. Featuring cool clap beat, electro dub bass line prepared piano and trumpet licks. Hypnotic, mystical and moody Rnb drum n bass undrescore.

Description: Epic action war music. Powerful cinematic theme with war orchestral percussion and bells, string quartet, tubular bells and horns. Great for chasing, warzone, action, adventure, glorious and victory scenes in films, video game and documentary. A cinematic soundtrack for historical, heroic, warrior and dramatic scenes.

Description: Uplifting and colorful dance music with beach boys 60's style vocal harmony. Energetic and stimulating, happy and progressive. For young city life happiness, urban joy, modern corporate and commercial production and clubbing or party scenes. With rave Ibiza synth, male choir and percussion

Description: 60 seconds Epic and dramatic action cinematic theme in an electro orchestral style. Suspenseful, tense and mysterious film score with big drums, strong bass line synth and piano. Fearful, adventurous, dangerous and sneaky. For drama, documentary, futuristic adventure, Aliens military battle and third world war scenes, impending action and suspense.

Description: Dreamy and Bright children ambient music. A peaceful and ethereal dream music. Perfect for dreamy scene, fantasy scenes, tender love soundtrack, hopeful and gentle emotions in film, TV, commercial regarding babies and young children. A strong emphasis for fairy tale, lullaby, warm playful moments, good night sleep. Also for mobile, kids applications underscore.

Description: Powerful and Epic electro tribal rock track in a bombastic and dramatic determined music. For action, war and conflict scenes in trailer, film soundtrack and TV. Wild, strong and climatic.

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