Description: Powerful Industrial Metal Rock - tronica track. 60 seconds of mad intense and driving instrumental music for sport trailer film soundtrack, tv theme and internet video. Futuristic fast groove electro alternative rock music. Strong, Proud and rhythmical. Energetic, forceful and dominant

Description: Fast and motivational dance - hard rock with trance lead synth melody. Driving, successful and determined. Featuring electric guitars, keys and strong beat. Energizing, intense and free. Best for youth and teens, freedom and club life commercials, stimulating video and advertising. Also for motivated and pushing forward corporate, extreme sport, modern life presentations and college party scenery.

Description: Energizing and exciting 60 seconds instrumental Funk Rock,music. Strong and intense with soulful electric guitar riffs and dance beat. Hot, inspirational and dynamic. Great as indie soul opening, intro and tv spot, teen dramatic scenes, free urban spirit, radio rock jingles, trailers and modern city life feel.

Description: Uplifting, Driving and energizing modern rock music. 30 seconds indie track with dominant electric guitars. Stimulating and Powerful score for advertising, commerical sport and general tv theme. Active cue with good vibes and rising feel.

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