Description: suitable for film and adventure scenes

Description: Gypsy Italian Jazz in the style of guitar legend Django Reinhardt. Feature Acoustic Guitar quartet accompanied by Acoustic Bass, and Brush Snare., uptempo swing track. Perfect backing track for commercials, or film, spot, trailer. Instrumental, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz

Description: Variable BPM:bpm starts at 160 and build up to 235, changing

Description: Backing track variable bpm from 160 to 235

Description: Describes a morning of sun, fun, a happy family, children playing, breakfast, happiness. Dad is whistling a sweet tune while the kids are playing tricks. Family vacation, seaside holiday, day at the beach, farming, rural sweetness, wholesome, traditional values, uplifting & lively.

Description: Tense dramatic music. Marching into battle Orchestral music. Where tension mounts in movies and TV shows about brave, heroic Action Adventure, Sci Fi and Action Thrillers. War scenes, escalating front lines, evil. Slows at 2.44 for a reprieve, then battles on to a big finale, with a hint of defeat.

Description: This music is ideal for scenes of war. An ipnotic and deep bass riff bestows on the track a dramatic and dangerouse sense. At the beginning the bass play with an interweave of strings, then the entrance of drums grows the tragic atmosphere. Perfect for documentary, films, reportage, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Dramatic Operatic

Description: suitable for advertising ', many musical instruments that alternate with elegance and energy. Catchy guitar riffs, Great for promos, reality television, and any application where a fun loving, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, hooky bass riffs, armonica, drum.

Description: This is a enigmatic interweave between african and reggae sound. A slap bass, tablas and other percussion with xylophone makes a ipnotycal structure, while in the background any chord on sinthesizer conveys an enigmatic mood. Perfect for action or adventure film and for documentary about nature, Instrumental, African Music, African Contemporary

Description: This funny music can be used in many different context, for example it can describe a african or mediterranean landscape, with plains, hills, meadows, country roads or village. A characteristic weaving of acoustic guitar, bass, percussions and one flute. Ideal for documentary or light comedy, Instrumental, African Music, African World Fusion

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