Description: This funny music can be used in many different context, for example it can describe a african or mediterranean landscape, with plains, hills, meadows, country roads or village. A characteristic weaving of acoustic guitar, bass, percussions and one flute. Ideal for documentary or light comedy, Instrumental, African Music, African World Fusion

Description: A quiet and hot day in a deserted road, by car ...

Description: energetic and powerful, suitable for action movies and video games

Description: Great for Italian comedy. Fast, fiery funny & rousing. Big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur, pasta boils over, laughing children playing games, several grandfathers telling jokes. Italian mazurka for TV, Film, Documentary, children's cartoons, kids video game, toy commercia Artist or Group

Description: Funky, bouncy, light and jangly with a heavy ending. Perfect for ESPN, sports shows, web broadcast, radio and television.

Description: it describes an atmosphere of confusion, pursuits, cars of fire that are pursued in unbridled way among the dangers of the city.'proper for the action movies..

Description: Francesco Accardo Representation of a train journey in a melancholy mood that takes a slight hope. Elegant and poignant solo piano melody, pensive and heartwarming. Lyrical, poetic, tender and romantic. Calm, caring, perfect for seaside romance or a slightly mysterious scene. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Production | Tender Music angelic angels beautiful music caring clouds dreaming dreamy elegant engaging ethereal floating flying free friendly haunting heavenly laidback laid back lovely meditative mellow mysterious mystery nostalgic passionate poignant reflexive relaxing romantic, seaside romance, sensitive sensual sensuality silk silky slow groove soft soothing sophisticated sweet tender uplifting vibrant weightless Film Credits, Film Noire Underscore Movie Trailer Muzak Nature, Globe Trekker Travel Channel, Club / Bar / Lounge, Sidewalk Café, Soap Opera, New Age, Phone On-Hold Drama Mature Engagement Party Wedding Music

Description: suitable for film and adventure scenes

Description: suitable for advertising ', many musical instruments that alternate with elegance and energy. Catchy guitar riffs, Great for promos, reality television, and any application where a fun loving, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, hooky bass riffs, armonica, drum.

Description: Francesco Accardo it describes a trip through the mountains with wide roads, under a warm sun, leaving himself/herself/itself to the shoulders a tormented past.proper for spots, films, documentaries, Instrumental, Country Music, Alternative Country

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