Description: Great for Italian comedy. Fast, fiery funny & rousing. Big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur, pasta boils over, laughing children playing games, several grandfathers telling jokes. Italian mazurka for TV, Film, Documentary, children's cartoons, kids video game, toy commercia Artist or Group

Description: Short, confident and elegant jazz track. Brash, big horn section, smooth, big city sound. Suitable for opening of TV show, talk show, contest. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Swing | Big Ban

Description: Nice and playful theme, vivacious and rhythmic. Excellent as background music for gastronomic tv shows. Also good for comedies. There is party in the kitchen. Top Chef, romantic comedy, themesong, soundtrack, opening, intro to super fun ahead!

Description: energetic and powerful, suitable for action movies and video games

Description: Atmosphere of suspense, heartbreaking anguish, flowing with apprehension, perfect for a romantic drama, crime, police investigation. Full Symphony Orchestra with elegant, haunting strings & heart-felt emotions. Mysterious and powerful track, evil deeds, scheming murder, stalking, or sad tragedy.

Description: describes energy and elegance, suitable for a television themes, programs famiglie.Una simple melody that remains etched in the memory of the listener.

Description: describes times of war, times of disaster, a combination of classical and electronic music, with a growing time and a psychedelic bass line

Description: This funny music can be used in many different context, for example it can describe a african or mediterranean landscape, with plains, hills, meadows, country roads or village. A characteristic weaving of acoustic guitar, bass, percussions and one flute. Ideal for documentary or light comedy, Instrumental, African Music, African World Fusion

Description: This music is ideal for scenes of war. An ipnotic and deep bass riff bestows on the track a dramatic and dangerouse sense. At the beginning the bass play with an interweave of strings, then the entrance of drums grows the tragic atmosphere. Perfect for documentary, films, reportage, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Dramatic Operatic

Description: This is a enigmatic interweave between african and reggae sound. A slap bass, tablas and other percussion with xylophone makes a ipnotycal structure, while in the background any chord on sinthesizer conveys an enigmatic mood. Perfect for action or adventure film and for documentary about nature, Instrumental, African Music, African Contemporary

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