Description: An epic composition with bright orchestral instruments, attacking strings with wide brasses and drum fills which are combined with energetic synth sounds and modern percussion. The mood of the music is brave, serious and decisive. "A victory is at hand, we'll win!"

Description: Electronic track with bright strings and brasses, energetic distortion riffs and percussion with drum fills. and even romantic acoustic guitars and strings in the middle of the track. The mood is hopeful, decisive and promising. It's like a coming back home after a long warfare or some dangerous situations, "a hard work is done".

Description: A very bright and happy composition! Bright piano as the main instrument, igniting feelings and emotions, fast sharp violins which flow as the sun light, pleasant overdriven guitar solos, varied bass and drum patterns full with energy which seems will never end. The music expresses the happiness itself, whatever the cause of it, whether it's love or success. It's a beautiful feeling which never be forgotten and will be carried in heart through all life.

Description: A bright, positive pop track with jazz elements, with amazing piano solos playing throughout the composition. The sound of piano is very lively and sharp, igniting the mood and inspiration of a listener. Sometimes it bursts with bright, fast piano passages. Other instruments of the track are just an accompaniment for the piano: guitar, strings and synth pads, bass and of course drum which is full of original patterns. The music expresses composure and tranquillity, confidence in each troubled situation, possibility of getting the best solution, attracting other people with calm nature and confident, ever positive behaviour.

Description: A tender melodrama track with piano as the lead instrument, extremely bright and moving. There are also pleasant violins and strings, both sharp and bright and soft, plangent and sensitive . They depict images of deep love, which never ends or weakens and goes through all life til last breath. The music expresses loving relations with someone, whether it's a beloved one, parents, relatives, good friends, those who make our life bright and happy, who cares about us and always eager to help.

Description: Electronic track with ambient and trance synths and techno rythm, different atmospheric sound effects. Good for background, TV programs. The music expresses thoughts about things which have passed, love of the past, home alone in the evening, lights of a sleeping city.

Description: A tender and melancholy track, with pensive and sad piano, which is lead instrument there. Mellow plangent violins, soft guitar strokes, varied bass, quiet synth drums. The composition expresses grieve feelings and thoughts, like loneliness, sorrow or parting when it seems that such sad feeling will be for ages. But the music also tells that melancholy feelings are temporary, bad things pass anyway, and the best thing is to say buy to sadness of the past and open heart to good events, and they will undobtedly occure.

Description: Electronic track with overloaded guitar riffs and solos, ambient synths and very intense drum beats. A mood of the composition is tense and thoughful. It expresses a decisive moment, a milestone of life, a difficult choice to make, a situation which demands maximal straining of all powers.

Description: A composition of electronica style, with strange high-pitch synths and slap bass, voice insertions. Associations are: robots are dancing, hi-tech inventions, deploying new technologies

Description: A bright and positive pop track which name denotes its mood. A pleasant and very vivid, lively piano as the central instrument there, unostentatious muted and stroked guitar as well as mellow acoustic guitar solos soft electric pianos, drums , with varied drum patterns. The composition expresses a confindence in somebody, when you're protected, supported and can be assisted by your parents, relatives, friends, and simply kind people you encounter in your life. And that makes you content and satisfacted.

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