Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. A pop track with numerous instruments: fashionable guitar strokes, slap bass, trumpets, sharp strings and synths sounds. This music is positive with uplifted mood, expressing absence of troubles and problems, good premonitions, interesting promising future, a nice rest, a creative activity.

Description: A modern orchestral track with romantic and bright melody, mellow strings and piano, a soft rythm. It's very kind and positive, as if sun begins shining all over and dreams are coming true, peace is everyywhere, a happy morning with a beloved one. Good for melodrama and any backgrounds to positive video tracks.

Description: A hip-hop track with powerful beats, bright piano, synth vocals, dense synth pads, distortion. The music expressing relief after hard times, great achievements after a long work, a deserved freedom, rejoyce of liberation, victory at last, fateful eve.

Description: A hip-hop track with mellow electric piano, synth sounds and mild electric toms. Easy sounds and relaxing melody. The track express a carefree mood, a good rest at nice places, a period of life with no tensions or strain.

Description: A techno track with powerful bouncing beat and synth bass, acid sounds and acoustic guitar insertions, fashionable and energetic sound. This music expresses a successful day, meeting good people, new love, new feelings, great plans for the future.

Description: Professional music of studio Fortefill. Hip-hop track. with simple but distinctive bass line and synth sounds. This music is both tense and encouraging, expressing failures of the past and simultaneously predicting good prospects. Life has different colors, there are many milestones in it, that's what this track about.

Description: A positive and bright, motivational track with piano as the main instrument. There also stroked guitar, sharp inflaming violins, friendly bas and drum patterns. The composition expresses everyday working with good people on good job, which gives opportunity to self-realization and creativity. It' a job where one feels as on vacation, because his job is what he like to do.

Description: A trance composition, an original mixture of ambient synths, orchestral sounds and industrial drum beat. It expresses limitless vasts of the Universe, eternal cold of interplanetary space, new horizons in the space which are to be opened in the future.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. Romantic / melodrama, dreams of sex, guitar, organ, love for ages, memories of the first love, unshared love

Description: A positive and bright composition with piano as the main instrument. There are also sharp strings, stroked guitar, fast bass and varied drum patterns. the music expresses pleasant impressions of a voyage, visiting many beautiful places at once, a journey around the world which have been dreamed for a long time, meeting good people, nice exotic nature and landscapes, interesting traditions of visited countries.

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