Description: A kind, lively and funny logo with piano, tuba, oboe, xylophone.

Description: A kind, cheerful and lively logo with xylophone, guitar and percussion.

Description: A lively track of asian style, with pitched strings, electric piano and percussion.

Description: A solemn logo with soft sounds of bells, strings, piano and guitar. It has some classical elements. Good for congrajulations or any festive measures.

Description: A jlittle strange jazz logo with brass instruments and timpani. Trumpets and trombones are something silly there, as if musicians are tired and sick because of very long playing. A mood of the composition is lazy, indifferent and something arrogant.

Description: Energetic logo with overdriven guitar, powerful riffs and drum beat. This short one expresses success and luck.

Description: A mad and festive melody with crazy brass instruments which make really stupid and funny sounds. Good one for laugh since it's a fooling around itself in the composition.

Description: A funny and tricky jazz track, as if jazz band is playing on the party of thirties. Brasses, piano, clarinet, piano, guitar are full of life and entertain the visitors.

Description: A romantic and motivational logo with overdriven guitar solo and riffs, pads and electronic rhythm. As if dreams are coming true and all all things are going the best.

Description: A triumphal logo with solemn bright brasses, strings, sharp timpanies, toms and crash cymbals. It expresses victory, win over all competitors.

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