Description: A video game sounding, happy, trance-like song that gets you moving. High energy, fast-paced, and powerful drums.

Description: An extra happy tune, with positive warm synths, catchy melody, and bouncy beat. If you have a project that needs a celebration, party song, this is it.

Description: Disco strings on top of a pumping house beat. Great pump-up song to get people moving.

Description: Energetic, pumping, dance-like rhythm that invokes action. Great for project where energy and action is the theme.

Description: Heavy guitar metal/rock tune with driving beat. High energy. Exemplifies tough, heavy action.

Description: A motivational calm yet fun disco inspired dance song. Great for project where emotion, action, or happiness is called for.

Description: A staccato, synth based dance tune. Pleasant major chords and happy feel. Great for party or celebration vibe.

Description: A happy, bouncy, synth-based dance song. Great for joyful times, birthdays, or other positive moments.

Description: Bouncy, dance type song that makes you feel you're getting stuff done! Synth based with dance beat and synth stabs coming in towards the middle. Great for projects that need to show progress being made.

Description: An emotive song that that portrays progress and motivation. A house dance beat sits in the background, while synth stabs plays motivational chords that evoke action.

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