Description: Epic strings and piano portray the longing of a distant relationship, lost love, or missing friend or child.

Description: This epic, anthem-type rock instrumental has a nice build as well as an intro that gets you pumped. The intro is followed by a lead guitar melody sure to get stuck in everyone's head as the song takes you through an epic journey similar to Joe Satriani or Steve Vai.

Description: Traditional Christmas melodies of the Ukrainian folk song Carol of the Bells (Shchedyk) merge with the epic feel of the Led Zeppelin classic Kashmir. Haunting string melodies with Middle Eastern Kashmir flair are juxtaposed with classic holiday moods. This piece takes this carol where it has never been before rivaling Mannheim Steam Roller, David Foster and Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Description: Take a ride through rolling corn fields and small town America in this John 'Cougar" Mellencamp sounding whiskey rock piece. The lead guitar quickly moves out of the way to lend to an upbeat bed for a voice over or original lyrics. But don't worry cause the lead guitar comes back in full fury for the ending vamp driving this country rock piece back home to Main Street.

Description: Start with a simple synth bass groove and a ribbiting frog effect and keep adding drums, guitars and synths and you get a song that feels like it keeps pushing you faster and faster. Use this for workout or motivational corporate music and you are bound to get your audience excited about something.

Description: Try to keep from tapping your toe to this upbeat exercise focused dance groove. Let the intensity build as this song moves around twists and turns always to something to something new and even more exciting waiting around the corner.

Description: This sound-alike piece to Moby's' Extreme Ways' takes you through the raw and melancholic emotions affiliated with being lost and trying to find your way.

Description: Get the heart pumping and the feet moving with this upbeat workout, exercise, or motivational corporate piece. Each verse and break section builds to the ominous return of an increasingly exciting chorus or refrain that pumps you up more each time.

Description: Casual cruisin' music with a bluesy feel, perfect for a drive down the road and pedal in the park. Nice upbeat, yet laid back groove good for training or instructional videos.

Description: This indie rock song in the style of Ben Folds Five, Andrew Bird, Jukebox the Ghost, and The Strokes tells the story of someone breaking free from whatever situation is holding them down. The song has an infectious get up and do something attitude that will build the listener up in excitement and then bring them back down to reality only to build up again.

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