Description: This composition conveys a holiday. Congratulations. Bright and radostnaya.Sbirthday.

Description: It is very touching and lyrical piece of music. It is written in the classical genre and is very well suited for scoring feature films, art videos. A person is recognized throughouthimself who he is in this life and what he achieved. Slow, for the soul.

Description: The epic and lyrical music. A love story. Unrequited love. Good always triumphs over evil, and therefore real love there are no barriers. at the end of this work isvidno.Dumayu everyone remembers their first love when I listen this music. Very suitable for the music to filmam.Schaste and misfortune, good and evil, hatred, andcompassion - all is in this music.

Description: Corporate emotional motivational air music. One day of emotions, one day of happiness, a day of fun and joy that will be remembered for years to come. This project fits perfectly into your home video, home video photo album, just excellent fit and Wednesday, commercial use, advertising, radio, television, public meetings, presentations, websites and much more. Do not forget to leave a comment and I will be very glad if you tell me where you have used this music, I'm very interested to see your specific industry.

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