Description: Powerful music. Mixture of rock, metal and electronic music. Powerful energy, drive and rapid mood. Originally written by scoring a test drive to show the power of machines, also perfect for sporting events, computer games, for various online projects and television projects

Description: This music is written on one side in the classical form, on the other hand, it is modern music. Unconventional bass guitar accompanied by a symphony orchestra and theviolin stands out party .. perfect for Media Projects and movies.

Description: Humorous, playful A brief sketch. Suitable for video with humor, to advertise children's shops, sites and other things.

Description: This music has been devoted to the girl I love. This music is very bright and cheerful,then Olga would become my wife. The music is very touching and I want to dedicate it to all woman in this world.

Description: Powerful cinematic trailer, drive,action sports, sports driving, risk, fear is all there is in this music, as well as lyrical оркстровое held in the middle of the track.

Description: Simple joyful emotional and motivational track. The moment of truth, the moment of love, a moment of happiness. In this music, no complex elements. It's simple and delicious. A few chords with every conduct are played in different arrangements. Track is easy to wrap around and continue. Perfect for any media projects, television, radio, cinema, internet projects, presentations and more.

Description: Thoughtful, gentle fresh music. Atmosphere of warmth and tenderness. Great for advertising, for corporate video for presentations, slide show, photo albums and slide show more.

Description: Easy fresh motivational music. There's no unwieldy instrument, there is only a gentle piano with delay and reverb effects. This music is full of positive feelings, it causes only positive emotions, it gives strength advance and win.

Description: Calm and not complex music, which consists of only a few chords. Bright, sensual. Each of us wants to be happy and it is possible. Is wanted. Feelings, joy, success and happiness - everything is possible.

Description: A powerful epic trailer. Symphony Orchestra, epic chorus - power, force and drama. Opener for dramatic media.

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