Description: Romantic, delicate, and a positive track. Emotions and joy. Music for video, radio, television, to the Internet, romance, freshness, sadness and joy, and love.

Description: This is a small track in the style of hip hop, it can be read by a recitative, it can be used in various Internet projects, television projects, games and elsewhere

Description: Tender love theme, the soft tones of moonlight make two loving hearts beat with renewed vigor. This music fits your video, you can use in any project about love, about feelings.

Description: Quiet, peaceful theme, the theme of moonlight. Perfect for advertising something, fit as a logo, and more. Soft music, soft and gentle piano echoes.

Description: Quiet, calm and gentle composition. Perfectly fit into your love story or a story about meditation.

Description: Gentle, light and easy music. Symphonic string orchestra and piano.

Description: Bright, sunny, cheerful piece of music. Perfect for both commercial beaches, commercial hotels, commercial resorts, and for internet projects for your sites, for television projects.

Description: Light, Bright, elegant ceremonial music, which is clearly open your ceremony, you can use for wedding marriage, at the awarding of prizes and other festivities. This music can be widely applied in various media projects, television and internet projects and web sites, video and slide show presentations and other projects and presentations. Perfect for corporate celebrations, the music is motivational in nature and will attract people's attention and focus people's attention on the most important essence of your event

Description: This music is written on one side in the classical form, on the other hand, it is modern music. Unconventional bass guitar accompanied by a symphony orchestra and theviolin stands out party .. perfect for Media Projects and movies.

Description: Easy, fun and very creative music, which is similar to the music from old 8-bit video games of the Dandy and other. The track can be used in different projects, as in Flash games, games for your mobile phone, Android, Apple, and other. Can be used to childrens or humorous video.

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