Description: Powerful lyrical and mystical music. Rhapsody, sex epic, lyric sex. Love, passion and affection, evil and treachery - all connected to this music. Plus a heavy stone Rap bit for most of the track. Track can be used as a film score, for normal listening. For various media projects, internet, television, dance and much more

Description: Background elevator music in the style of breakbeat. The powerful music - a mix of strict piano and electronic effects, powerful drum part and stringed bowed instruments. Music that will perfectly fit into your project as background music. First of all for the software, while loading, but also it is suitable for computer games, and to obtain presentations for advertising and other media products.

Description: Creative positive motivating theme song in the style of funk. Starts solo reef acoustic guitar, then join the rest of the instruments, piano, funky percussion, bass guitar and auxiliary percussion instruments. Bright expressive theme, with an interesting guitar riffs.

Description: Powerful Epic Choir. Powerful orchestral music. Epic color, Background music with a powerful break beats and hip-hop beats. A full Symphony orchestra with a powerful group of brass instruments. Music for computer games and much more

Description: Achievement Of Dreams, the implementation of their plans. All the lies in this track. Motivating music which moves a person to action. Electronic dance music which are equally well-suited both for commercial use and advertising, as well as for home listening.

Description: Bright, calm, positive music. The expression of joy and celebration. Tender and sensual. Perfectly suitable for accompany of family video, for sensual New Year show, plays, also for television, radio and much more. The music is very simple, catchy and easy for cut or lengthen.

Description: Dance music, suitable for clubs, young people, advertising and more.

Description: Powerful cinematic trailer, drive,action sports, sports driving, risk, fear is all there is in this music, as well as lyrical оркстровое held in the middle of the track.

Description: Bright and clean theme of love. Perfect for a movie about love, for web sites and projects, and for the other.

Description: Iron heart. In my understanding we are talking about a robot that feels like a man. Each of us dreamed that someday robots will be on a par with people and they will have their minds. In general, each the music will speak about their history. Suitable for movies, websites, games and other

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