Description: It is powerful enough to quickly and dynamically track / loop. Bright and motivational track that can be looped on and on. This track is not clearly defined melodies, all done in order for you to maximize the value of it in different media, scoring Shaw, in presentations; it can be used as the music for a dynamic and sports video

Description: Easy fresh motivational music. There's no unwieldy instrument, there is only a gentle piano with delay and reverb effects. This music is full of positive feelings, it causes only positive emotions, it gives strength advance and win.

Description: Corporate technological music. Music robots, music machines. Perfect for the advertisement of various kinds of goods, electronics, logo electronics, radio and television background music.

Description: Merry positive music. Fast, fresh and playful. game bells and piano, orchestra and percussion. The project is perfect for many fun media projects. To promote children's products and more

Description: Very positive, cheerful and creative rock&roll Boogie woogie. Lets not think about the problems, expresses joy , positive, perfectly fit into the advertising project, video, Internet-project, as background music or just music for good mood.

Description: Tender simple lyrical music. Inspiration, thoughts, dreams. Includes an acoustic guitar, string orchestra and piano.

Description: Cheerful calm and very positive track.

Description: Humorous, playful A brief sketch. Suitable for video with humor, to advertise children's shops, sites and other things.

Description: This music is written on one side in the classical form, on the other hand, it is modern music. Unconventional bass guitar accompanied by a symphony orchestra and theviolin stands out party .. perfect for Media Projects and movies.

Description: This is a small track in the style of hip hop, it can be read by a recitative, it can be used in various Internet projects, television projects, games and elsewhere

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