Description: Elegant track for solo piano, classical style, intimate ambience.

Description: Elegant track for piano solo, romantic-impressionistic style. Dreamy and meditative.

Description: Impressionistic and elegant track for piano solo. Nostalgic memory of the "good things in bad taste" by Guido Gozzano

Description: Piano solo. Elegant and geometrical track, based on the technique of imitative canon. Balanced, slightly melancholic and powerful.

Description: Track for solo piano, lively and cinematic, alternating with moments of sweetness and fury. Among dreams of freedom and real chains.

Description: Slow and elegant track for piano solo, of classical structure, meditative. Free your mind of all thoughts

Description: Piano solo. Style seventeenth century, calibrated and geometryc. A small tribute to the science of the contrapuntal music.

Description: Classical track for piano solo, fast time, twentieth century style, with alternate moments very mechanical or dreamy. Cinematic, for web, presentations and background.

Description: Elegant and sweet loop based on the tale of H. C. Andersen "The Tin Soldier. Good for background, videos and presentation.

Description: Modern, romantic, dramatic track, based on the tale by H. C, Andersen "The tin soldier". Good in background and for particular videos.

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