Description: Magical ambience, full of waiting and childlike wonder, highly cinematic. In the orchestral texture stand out the bells, piano, flute and violin. Conceived for Christmas, this loop is quite suitable also for delicate video and background.

Description: Playful and colorful looped track, cinematic and childlike character. Quite suitable for Halloween, Christmas and generally for all occasions and projects requiring humor and irony.

Description: Musical representation for piano solo of Isle sur la Sorgue, a typical provencal village crossed by the river of the same name. Light, water reflections, refined elegance.

Description: The magical and mysterious atmosphere of the provencal village of Les Baux. Odd time to suggest a sense of enchanted suspension.

Description: Musical representation for piano solo of the magnificent Abbey of Senanque between the feasts of the past and the sweetness of the lavender fields.

Description: Musical representation for piano solo of the Palais des Papes in Avignon, between majesty and memories of past mundane glories.

Description: Experimental track, with metal and jazz influences. Great vivacity and pulsations for all projects that require energy, positivity and inspiration.

Description: Rhythm and vibrations. Great solo electric guitar on a pulsating texture. Pure energy for your projects.

Description: Classical track, with dominant piano, strings and oboe. It reproduces the feel of a piano lesson. A naive sweetness alternates with dramatic accents.

Description: Epic and powerful track. Full orchestra and mixed choir to draw a dark and dramatic ambience. Magnificent soundtrack, perfectly suitable for video games menu page and videos.

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