Description: Upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring musette, mallets and triangles, acoustic guitar, hand claps and catchy strings lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use. Perfect for giving that positive feeling.

Description: Bright and peaceful song, pop symphonic style, serene, ethereal and dreamy, that comes alive in the second part with the dialogue between clarinet and flute over a carpet of strings, synths and percussions.

Description: Sweet track with a simple and intimate melody that remains in the memory. Suitable for answering machines and as impressive audio logo.

Description: Gently flowing piano melody. Modern, pulsating but very understated electronica underscore. Blissful, reassuring and positive.

Description: Looped track delicate and easy to listen, with melody that stays in the memory. Instrumentation elegant, with whistling and singing over a background of acoustic guitar, strings and synth.

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