Description: Bright, fast and simple solo 3-note sounder. Great for announcements, logo, button, games, production element.

Description: Simple 4-note announcement sounder, button or production element for PA systems, Airports etc. 04 sec

Description: Slower, bright, clear, 2-note sounder. Great for announcements, logo, ident, button, production element, Radio & TV Commercials, Television Production 04sec

Description: Classic, chime type of sounder. Warm bell like sound. Great for announcements, buttons, idents, logo, production element. 04sec

Description: Industrious, rhythmic and productive light orchestral dramedy. With a mechanical or clock ticking effect, this track works well accompanying movement and maybe slightly mundane activity. Perfect for dramedy or TV reality cooking, baking, sewing, craft style programming. Various mixes & cuts including 60, 30 & sting

Description: Modern announcement stinger or logo, with an urgent or news feel. This 5-note, simple bumper sounder is great for many uses from company branding through to an important message or news update sounder. Features powerful synth, versions with and without the long 'whoosh' white noise tail.

Description: Wonderfully retro, synth-based logo sounder, that takes you right back to radio & TV as it used to be in the 60's & 70's. Add a touch of nostalgia to your production. Great for company branding, commercial break sounder, audio visual logos & radio station ID's. Versions with and without gliss end.

Description: Bright, heraldic, royal trumpet fanfare. Featuring 3 trumpets. Production element for a wide variety of uses. 05sec

Description: Christmas holiday scene, dashing through the snow. Magical and wonderous. Main version, 60, 60us, 30 and sting

Description: Happy Go Lucky, steady, shuffle style theme. Ideal for Slapstick, children, cartoon. Various cuts and mixes available

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