Description: Bright, magical, wonderous & joyful. The recipe for a perfect feelgood festive season. This upbeat original Christmas track is perfect for all things festive, especially commercials. Features choirs, piano, glockenspiel, pizzicato strings, bells & oboe. with a constant sleigh bell rhythm.

Description: Joyful, triumphant and wonderous original Christmas theme, featuring trumpet, strings, boys choir and bells. Various commercial length cuts and mixes available.

Description: Well known, heart warming traditional Christmas favourite, played by a brass ensemble. Snow falling, wrapped up warm, out gift shopping with a street corner brass band playing. Opens with solo trombone and slowly builds. Commercial length versions 60sec and 30sec plus brass only mixes

Description: Magical, wondrous and enchanting fairytale. 'Once upon a time, long ago' would be the perfect opening line with this beautiful fantasy theme. Great for film fairytale adventures through to current style Christmas story adverts. Light orchestral featuring Celeste, strings and choir. Commercial cuts 60sec full, 60sec underscore and 30sec

Description: Santa gets 'Go Faster' stripes with this upbeat, contemporary original festive groove. All the excitement of Christmas, with pace, movement, pazazz....... and of course, a good beat. Inject a bit of magic into your commercials, promos & TV productions. Features real strings and brass. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore versions

Description: Light, bright and sparkling version of the traditional Christmas Carol. Wondrous and filled with an anticipation and excitement of what is to come. Features flutes, strings, glockenspiel, heavenly choir and keyboards. Excellent with visuals for a Christmas campaign or promotion, easy to voice-over. Main, 60sec, 30sec and light mixes

Description: Bright, jolly and exciting - this track IS Christmas. Wrapped up warm, with scarves and hats, its all aboard the sleigh for ride through the freshly fallen sparkling snow. This rhythmic orchestral underscore builds from start, with a stop, before the full section. Perfect for seasonal visuals. Main, 60sec and 30sec, plus mix-outs

Description: Christmas gone Mad! Tis the season to be jolly, but it's also a busy and frantic time for mums, with family calling, kids running riot, cooking, preparing. This 30sec commercial is mums festive season rolled into 30 seconds. Crazy, chaotic and fun. Great for getaway breaks, pampering ads etc.,

Description: Joyful, warm and welcoming original Christmas light orchestral theme. Busy festive activity making the tree decorations and hanging the garlands of holly and pine. All with an air of wonderment and excitement for the big day. Features strings, woodwinds and piano. Perfect for TV crafts and ads 60sec and 30sec main and underscore versions

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