Description: Fast and jolly, clowns marching parade. All the fun of the fair when the circus comes to town. The bright lights, the vibrant colours, the excitement of the marching style band. Perfect for the clowning antics, fall about and slapstick for film, documentary, commercials or circus performances. 60sec and 30sec, with and without fx

Description: Jolly, run-around children's theme. Uptempo, full of fun and frolicks, great for toddlers, small children and pets chasing around having a wild time. Features keyboards, xylophone and flute. Perfect for Children's Television theme or background, toy commercials, children's theatre productions. Main, 60 and 30sec, full and underscore mixes

Description: Beautiful, shimmering and heartwarming light dance in the style of Danny Elfman. Cosy and cute scene with a child-like rhythmic musicbox. Perfect for glistening magical winter scenes, light cinematic fantasy and animated characters. Features celeste, small strings and choir with twists and turns. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Lovely, magical, sparkling, snow-covered scene, with glistening icicles and falling snowflakes. Wondrous good fairytale with medium-slow movement and a flavour of Christmas. Light orchestral with boys choir. Perfect for animation, commercials, children, TV. Christmas and non-Christmas mixes and commercial length cuts

Description: Big, bouncy and glitzy theatrical theme. Full of energy and pizazz - the stage is set and it's time to raise the curtain and let the show begin. Full-on opening, with slightly lighter middle ideal for a voice-over, resuming with a big end. Features orchestra pit style instrumentation. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore versions

Description: Magical, enchanted and shimmering fairy tale. A fantasy world hidden deep in the forest, all twinkling with an icy frost. Features celeste, glockenspiel and lush strings. Perfect for fantasy TV or film through to commercials. Has a Christmas feel, but suitable for wondrous wintry tales anytime. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Gentile, melancholic and reflective echoes of the past, in a slightly whimsical and light-hearted waltz. Warm and fuzzy memories, of a favourite place or character. Reminiscent of the Victorian or Edwardian period. Ideal for dramedy, comedy, cinema, childrens fairytale and TV or Radio commercials. Main and underscore mixes, in full, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: Bright, light-hearted and warm theme for children with strong logo. Playful summer days, blue skies, fluffy white clouds in golden meadows. Ideal for childrens theme, TV music, adverts and commercials for childrens products or healthy products and foods. With commercial legth cuts and underscores

Description: Comic, spoof style, haunted and creepy, rolling horror theme. Perfect for Children's TV, radio & tv commercials, reality TV etc. Features lots of ghostly vocal fx. Very camp, crazy & fun childrens horror - just watch out for those ghosties and ghouls. Mixes and cuts with and without vocal fx

Description: Circular, light, lifestyle character study. Catchy & fun which gently builds, featuring pizzicato strings. Perfect for family orientated products and service commercials. 60se, 30sec full and underscore versions

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